The Place

Molly’s Wood is a precious ten-acre nature reserve. It was created for the community by the late Ronnie Green, who named it after his wife Molly. 

The first trees were planted way back in the 1980’s and have been added to over the years. It is now a tangle of wonder bursting with life and full of its own magic.  

It is crossed by paths that lead you through the woodlands, meadows, a wetland and an orchard of local fruit trees. 

There are seating areas, bug hotels, a cabin and plenty of places to explore.

The Wildlife

Once forgotten wildlife has returned.  You may hear a blackcap fluting from the undergrowth, a skylark reeling its song over the grassland, or even a barn owl patrolling the meadow on a winter’s evening. There are foxes and deer as well as an abundance of butterflies and bugs drawn by ever increasing diversity of wildflowers – cowslips to the meadow and primroses to the wood. Enjoy

The Team

Molly’s Wood is looked after by a group of local volunteers who manage the land to create a haven for both people and wildlife. They plant trees and mow the paths. Organise events and educational activities. And that all important job of fundraising to keep the place going.

You are welcome to join us.


Hulls Mill Lane

Sible Hedingham

Essex CO9 3AL

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